Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the Long Run...

The date may say that it's from the 14th, but I actually finished it today, the 16th.
I did it! I did my first 16 mile run Saturday! I'm very excited, if you couldn't tell. Friday night and before I started on Saturday morning I told myself I couldn't think about it so I couldn't talk myself out of it. I had everything laid out on the counter and a note to myself for last minute things.
I woke up at 5 a.m. to eat so I would have time to digest my breakfast. Then back to bed for an hour. Back up at 6:30 to get ready and head out. I got to Cook's and started my run by 7:30 a.m. I intended to start by 7, but it was not to be. I have been getting nutrition advice from different people, so I'm trying what sounds like it would work for me. I took a package of mini Fig Newtons, a Special K Chocolate/Orange Bar (very yummy, BTW), a Roctane Vanilla-Orange (it Rock-tanes!), my hydration drink and an extra bottle of water to drop off for on my way back. I said hello to a few people and took off. I felt pretty good, but I had already promised my legs that if they started to ache that I would adjust accordingly.
The run was fairly uneventful, but I saw lots of people on the trail trying to get their exercise in before Ike blew through. I dropped my water about 4 miles out which turned out to be right when I needed it. Chris pointed out that there are water fountains along the River Trail. I just don't notice them when I'm doing something like a long run. I'm usually thinking through something or focusing on how much my knees are aching. I'm glad I lugged it along with me anyway. I took in my gel about 5.5 miles in and had my Fig Newtons at about mile 11. Marianne told me she likes Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies - gonna try that next time. When I got down to the bicycle rental place I was disappointed to see I only had about 7.25 miles, so I ran in a few circles. I headed back when I got bored with that and decided I would be satisfied with just under 16 if it came to that. NOT! Most of the time I can't say I'm going to do something and be satisfied if I just fall short. I have to follow through no matter how much physical pain or emotional discomfort I put myself through.
I had to run past Cook's about .25 miles to get my full 16 in. After I limped back to the parking lot, I stretched and took in an Ensure and my second dose of FRS. It's really hard to eat anything after putting my body through something like that, but I know I just have to force something down. I didn't have any digestion problems this time and my legs felt great for the rest of the day. Pretty groovy and also I sign that I will be able to push myself a little further next time and be fine.
I rested on Sunday. I'm trying to get used to "rest days". It's really hard when it's as pretty as it was to not go do anything. I worked chest, back and abs, swam 1500 yards in the pool on Monday and we rode 13 miles on Monday evening. I plan on doing a brick this afternoon. Letcha know later how that goes!


Mira Lelovic said...

Are you training for a marathon? I got tired just reading about your run. Good job! I can't stomach solids while running, and they take way too long to get into the system to feel the effects (for me). Accelgels are my favorite for super long runs, they have some protein that other gels don't. And vanilla tastes like cake icing, in my opion!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the run! ran it today, 7 miles exactly from Cooks to the Sub and I hate add ons too and also if I tell myself I will run a certain amt then almost impossible to back down so understand well your thoughts! okay see the Little Debbies are because I have kids and always have those on hand and maybe not so with gels and the like!!! but I used two of them today and they sat just fine in my tummy and plus they make me smile when I eat them!

Anonymous said...

water fountains: NLR
Cooks to the dog park one: 2.3 miles
dog park to the skate park: 2.8 miles more
skate park to the Sub bathroom: 2 miles more

Soccer field bathrooms have water
hot zones: in the "Grand Canyon" area, the "African serengetti" area. If you are a cyclist reading this and see one of you running friends here, stop and give them some water!!

Iron Maiden said...

Thanks Marianne! That oatmeal cream pie yesterday after the run was divine. In fact I had to laugh at myself because I couldn't stop thinking about it. They are what saved Chris in the NWA Challenge last year.

Iron Maiden said...

Mira, I was using Accelgels (vanilla-orange - mmmmmmm) for the carb-protein combo, but I found that I really like the GU Roctane which is the same concept. Roctane has 2x the caffeine and there isn't as much of it in the package. The less I have to choke down the better! I didn't even enjoy pudding as a kid.