Saturday, February 28, 2009


It was a pretty productive day - YAY! Got up at 5:30 to eat and get swimming by 7:00:

30 - 40 minutes today worth of drills - YAY!
Do them as 4 x 75 (50 drill, 25 swim ) resting as needed after each.
Choose FOUR drills to focus on the entire time.
You can also add in a few steady 300s after working on a particular drill.

It actually was about 7:20 when I got in the water. Got my swim done and I had brought my cold weather running gear with me so I could just run from the gym:

Run 45 - 50 minutes today. Along the way throw in a few of these drills:
1 - skipping where you push off your forefoot & drive knee forward
2 - sideways 'gallop' to work on strengthening the lateral plane
3 - butt kicks working on contracting the hamstrings towards the glutes.
Do 20 seconds of each drill, throw them in throughout the run & don't overdo it.

So I was going to suck it up and run in the 30 something feeling temp. I just sort of rinsed the chlorine off and put some lotion on. I was already psyched up and when I walked outside it was misting. I promptly talked myself out of running from the gym. What if it really started raining? I decided that if it had stopped any sort of precipitation when I got home, I would run outside for 30 minutes. Heck, I was already dressed for it. I get home and I'm just about to go do my run and it starts raining for real. Treadmill intervals it is, then! 30 minutes worth on a treadmill is about all I can stand, maybe 45 if I really have to, but at 1 hour I just want to slit my wrists! It's hard doing treadmill training. It kind of gives me shin splints because the belt is forcing you to keep up with it. If you don't you will suffer the consequence of belt burn on your face accompanied by a goose egg on the ol' noggin. Believe me, people will ask what it is on your face; you can't just wear a ninja mask all the time to cover that up. Anyway... WOW! Was I ever schwetty when I dismounted. I felt pretty good. Unfortunately my "runner's high" only lasts for about 30 minutes.

Time enough to shower and get to Saturn for the oil change appointment. Chris met me there so I wouldn't have to sit and listen to this really obnoxious women discuss her plethora of health issues with a poor lad that I'm sure she didn't even know. It was a constant flow - I don't know if she even took a breath. She shot me a look of "how dare you interrupt me" when I got notice of a text message on my cell phone. So when her phone rang I looked at her like "how dare you stop your riveting one-sided conversation". I don't think she even saw it!

Got back to Little Rock and went to the grocery store to get stuff for my dad's birthday. We had everyone over and I think we all had a good time! Although we had to lock the cats away from my younger nephew. We call him Reidzilla. He's like a little linebacker and will physically move you out of his way! My little niece Avery, on the other hand, was glad that the cats were locked up. Graham my older nephew doesn't really care one way or the other, just DO NOT touch his chicken nuggets or you will never hear the end of it. We did get a pretty snow this afternoon and evening. Just sort of dusted the yards. Hopefully this will be it for that silly winter weather. I'm supposed to do a 2 hr. and 30 min. ride tomorrow and I ain't doin' it on the trainer! I may look like a circus bear with my 15 layers, but it will be done outside. I only hope I will have some other fools out there to keep me company!

See you tomorrow!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bottle it up!

Today was a much better day! Thank ya, Jesus! Yesterday just felt icky and today felt clean and new.

When Chris got home last night and walked through the door he took one look at my puppy dog face and asked if everything was alright. I just told him that I had a very draining day - that it was nothing that happened to me directly. I just let it affect me. I know it sounds sappy, but all I wanted yesterday was my Luvbug! Sometimes you just want your woobie and you know that everything will be alright. Unfortunately some days you can't have your woobie and you just have to suck it up! Yesterday was one of those days.

I woke up this morning and felt rested; very unusual for me. I trained my 6:00 am client and headed off to the pool for my swim:

Warm Up:
300 swim
6 x 50 drill (R:15)
500 hard (R:1:00)
200 pull (paddles optional) (R:30)  this is an easy pull effort
Cool Down:
100 backstroke
TOTAL = ~2800

I have not been enjoying my swims as of late and felt like I was just struggling to get through them. I didn't feel like I was making ANY progress...until today. I got in the pool and immediately knew it was going to be a good swim. I started my warm-up and felt really relaxed and calm. I just enjoyed the water running over my body - I would say it might have felt
womb-like. I was comfortable the entire time and never felt like I was out of breath. I also finished about 5 minutes faster than I did previously on this distance. For once I got out of the pool and had energy. I also think I'm swallowing less water because I usually have to piss like a Russian race horse. Not today! I just want to capture that feeling and put it in a jar so I can eat it on race morning. But alas, I cannot bottle up good feelings. Isn't it funny how you can bottle up anger and sadness, but not happiness?

My second workout of the day was some strength training. I almost always enjoy that, though. I know that most women don't really have an appreciation for this type of training. Women usually want to be on the move. I like both. Does that make me weird? I'd like to think not. They work so well together - cardio and strength training. You just can't go wrong. I do need to work on flexibility, although I am better about stretching than I used to be. An injury can make you do things like that. My hip? 99.9 % betta! So I feel I'm ready for the 1/2 marathon and I'm not dreading it and that feels great!

Yes, Geo! Life is good - especially when things are going your way!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The pleasure of pain

Today started out great! I had my class and it went smoothly. Chris even came back! I felt good and had good energy. My 6:30 appt. showed up and it just went downhill. She has a friend who is battling cancer that I blogged about just recently...well, she is really having a tough time trying to hold it together. She is also having a rough go of it at work. She came in this morning all glassy and red-eyed. Definitely not her norm! She doesn't usually take medication, but last night she needed it. She was not her usual perky, smiling self and it made me very sad.

Then while I was training her I heard my 7:30 leaving a message, but I was unable to understand what she had said. I finished up with my first client and listened to the message. She had gotten a call from a relative on her way to the gym that her cousin had died in a car accident the night before. She would not be working out. Again, this made me sad.

Then it seems like everyone has the intestinal yuckies or the snotty head. I just couldn't get out of the funk today.

Until I went for my run. This was my last "big" run before the 1/2 marathon on March 15th. It started out a little sluggish, but I soon hit my groove and I forgot my day and previous mood. Having that physical outlet...well, there's nothing quite like it. Just to feel the rush of endorphins and your heart just beating all to hell. The pain reminds you that your alive and you start to crave that pain. Just to be out there and doing something and feeling every bit of it. I wouldn't have it any other way. How did I ever survive without it?

Today's run:

Warm up 30 minutes building to mid zone 2.
Then do 20 minutes in high zone 2.
Then do 20 minutes building to zone 3.
Last 5 minutes cool down.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Word for the day...Insanity

Today was a recovery day and my body was ready for it. I used to resent recovery days, but now I look forward to them. I'll be ready to get going again tomorrow!

I had a former client send me an email telling me that she is really feeling frustrated about not experiencing any change in her body no matter what she does. After 3 months and not reaching her goal, she backs off of the intensity. In the email she mentioned the word repeat and cycle in the same sentence. So this is what I had to "say" to her:

You are not alone in your frustration. A lot of people are lost on what to do when what they are doing isn't working. So they repeat the same pattern over and over. It's completely normal and we've ALL been there. It can make you completely insane. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result or outcome. We continue on the same path when we know in our heart of hearts we are going to end up in the same situation. In my opinion a lot of people are subconsciously afraid to truly succeed because the risk of failure is greater. So to avoid failure we never quite reach success. We often think, "What's the point? I'm going to fall flat on my face anyway!". Yup, you might, but you probably won't! If you do, it isn't a failure - it's experience and a lesson learned. No one likes being in a rut, but we are constantly doing it to ourselves because it is just easier that way.

A lot of people will choose the easy way. I think that's what sets athletes apart from the rest of society. We are constantly looking for the next challenging situation to prove ourselves to, well...ourselves - for the most part. Sometimes we are elbowed and nudged into doing things by a buddy for some friendly competition. But usually we are in it to push ourselves and see if we can get to the next level past our current limits. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! No matter what the outcome, you know you had to do it. You had to try. You know you can NEVER stop trying and pushing because you may as well stop breathing if that happens!

So the next time you doubt yourself, just get over it and try harder!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just training

Fat Tuesday, hmmmmmm.....I went to get acupuncture and the receptionist asked me if I was going out to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Heck, I didn't even know - so I guess not! Well, just a quick blog about my training:


600 warm up done as 50 high elbows (or fingertip drag), 25 swim
500 pull as 25 right arm only, 25 left arm only, 50 swim (this will overload the single arm but is great for building arm strength)
400 done as 25 head out of water swim (increase arm turnover, increase kick, this is an aggressive drill), 75 easy swim
300 no touching the wall, turn around the "T" lilke you would a buoy
200 easy your choice of nonfree stroke, kick, etc.
TOTAL = ~2000

Strength Training:
Choose 30 minutes of exercises & do them 10 - 15 reps each.


10 minutes easy warm up
5 minutes @ 80 rpms5 minutes @ 90 rpms5 minutes @ 100 rpmsEffort builds with each change in cadence (low zone 2, mid zone 2, high zone 2). REPEAT this set 2x through (total 30 minutes)
10 minutes easy spin

25 - 30 minutes off the bike OR 30 - 35 minutes later in the day. In either case; easy for 10 minutes then do 20 minutes steady in zone 2. Cool down with any remaining time.

Just a rundown! Be back tomorrow!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taken, hill repeats and Sharkies.

Another Sunday has come and gone, but it was a good one. I got my weekly Target visit in, most of the laundry done, my workout in and we went to see the movie Taken. OMG! Talk about I.N.T.E.N.S.E.!!!! That movie rawked! If you like a good action flick GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Can you tell I'm excited?! The exclamation points should give it away! Seriously, we completely lost ourselves in this movie. We forgot which direction the bathrooms were in when we came out. Totally worth it.

About the only thing I didn't get done today was making some stuff for dinner this week, but I have some stuff in the freezer. So, itsallgood! The workout was tough today - interval hill repeat cycling, but I got to wave at lots of friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Here's the workout:

Warm up:
20 minutes easy spin5 x 1 minute moderate, 3 minutes easy
Find a hill that takes about 2 - 5 minutes to climb.
Climb it seated with HR in zone 2.
Once at the top, ride 5 minutes steady in zone 3.
Then ride 10 minutes very easy.
Do this 4x.

Well, let me just say that I haven't done hill repeats in a few months and my buttocks are letting me know it (already!). I'm sure my adductors and ITB will be letting me know by the morning as well. I did happen to try some new thing for nutrition today. They are called Sharkies and really geared toward kids sports nutrition. But I mean, hey, aren't we all just kids when we get on our bikes? Sharkies don't have any high fructose corn syrup. Yup just plain old sugar. They were really easy to eat and pretty tasty. Easy on the tummy too! So if you are looking for something a little more "natural" and simple than you should try these.

I've still got a little work to do, tomorrow is Monday and I have to be up before the chickens.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get out your mats!

Some days you just don't have the motivation to do, well...a damn thing. Today was one of those days. It was raining and gray I just wanted to sleep! However, the 1/2 marathon is upon me and I had to get out and get one last big run in and there was noooooo way I was doing it on the treadmill. I got my grocery store visit done and started working on my clients' programs for the upcoming week and the 'Sleepy Monster' started nipping at my ankles and eventually just sunk his teeth into my skull. I had to take a nap. Of course, Chris was excited about this because he is the nap king! He's spent years perfecting his napping skills and I believe he even has a sponsor and agent. So a 45 min. nap was had and I felt much better after. I think that if everyone in the whole world took a nap everyday, we would be more happy and productive. I think in America we have it backwards. We force children with enough energy to send 10 space shuttles up to take a daily nap and think that overworked adults who take 5 min. to themselves to cram a sandwich down their throats are lazy. What's up with that? Okay, I'm done with that, but I'm just sayin'...

Ran today for 1 hr. 45 min.

30 minutes easy build from zone 1 to zone 2. (zone 1 is 0-135, zone 2 is 136-145)

Then do 40 minutes steady in zone 2.

Then, 4 x 3 minutes in zone 3 followed by 2 minutes very easy. (zone 3 is 146-152)

Cool down 15 minutes very easy.

I got a total of 11.51 miles at an average pace of 9:07. I did see some zone 4 in there and believe it or not, I felt very comfortable there. I think I had sort of a euphoria going on with all the endorphins. I was also supposed to spin easy for 20 min. after the run, but instead I opted for 15 min. of stretching and a 7 min. ice bath. I'm still having trouble with my supplementation during activity. The gels are too gooey and the all the other things are too sweet and gummy. What's a girl to do? Suggestions are welcome!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who's in charge here?

I have come to the conclusion that I no longer control my schedule and it must come to a stop. I feel like I've been suffocating all February and somethin's gotta give. I don't like that feeling. It makes me sort of cranky. I just see a blank space on my calender and have a client standing right in front of me looking at me expectantly to write them into that spot. Well, they probably aren't really thinking that. I just feel obligated to fill all the blank spaces; I don't know why. However, on the flip side, I'm not hurting for income! When you work for yourself you sort of have to suck it up sometimes and just make sure you have your helmet and seatbelt on. I'm also struggling with my training for the Ironman. Not the training itself, but the selfishness I feel because I signed up for the Ironman. It's just something on my list of things I want to do before I die. Hopefully I won't die trying to work and train. Hopefully I won't lose total touch with the people I care most about and I see it happening already. Am I sorry I signed up for the Ironman? NOPE! Not one bit! It's just going to take better planning and I know I will find my groove soon.

Swim training today.
2 x (100 easy drill, 200 easy build) (R:30)
3 x 400 fartlek with :40 rest after each one & done as:
25 fast, 75 cruise, 50 fast, 50 cruise, 75 fast, 125 cruise“Cruise” is feel good speed – not hard.
100 ez nonfree
5 x 100 pull (R:15) strong effort
100 ez
TOTAL= ~2500

Just to let you know, after today's swim, I've done 6300 yds. total this week. I never thought I'd be doing that, but I also never thought 5 years ago I'd be preparing myself for an Ironman. In fact I didn't even know what the hell a triathlon was. Now if you don't know what a fartlek is (stop with the 8th grade boy sense of humor), it is damn hard! That's what it is! Now go Google it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's a wonderful life!

Just a quick hit (as Geo calls them). I found out today that a client of mine, that has been battling cancer since last Sept., had her cancer spread to her spine, lungs and hips. Back in Oct. she had a 2 1/2 lb. encapsulated tumor removed along with one of her kidneys. She had a tumor wrapped around her first rib that is about 1/2 the size it was because of radiation. She is on a pain pump and will start radiation next week.


On the training front I did drills on the trainer today due to time constraints. An hour ride:
10 min. easy warm-up
5 x 1 min. @ 60 rpms (moderate), 1 min. easy

5x (2 min. @ 70 rpms, 1 min. @ 60 rpms, 1 min. standing @ 60 rpms, 2 min. easy @ 100 rpms)

I was to keep my HR in Zone 2 throughout the mainset and cool down 10 min.

Jump off trainer and onto treadmill for 20 min. steady HR in Zone 2.

I felt great and the best part is no hip pain!!!!! Yes, after about 6 weeks of massage, acupuncture and chiropractic I'm getting back to good.

Did I mention that:


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daily report

This morning, I did not get up alone. Chris said last night he was going to get up with me and he actually did it. AND he left the house before I did! So I got to work about 6 and got my day started. You know, I have such a fun job! We have such a great time at work. I love bringing it up a notch and challenging people to go above and beyond what they think their limits are. Most of the time, they are wrong! I love handing them a weight that they would never pick up on their own and watch their expressions say things like, "You want me to do what with this?". I just tell them, "You can do this! You just don't know it yet". And you know what? They do it. And they smile and look so proud. I love my job! Both of them...
On the massage front, I have a very loyal client who I've been working with on a weekly basis for about 4 years. He is a very unique doctor who believes in educating his patients and refuses to wear a white coat. He emails his patients a copy of their consult and encourages them to ask questions. He told me that if a doctor acts annoyed when asked questions you need to find a new one. Well, he has a very good friend he has known since he was 12 who called and emailed me this evening. I don't know this friend, but he lives in Montreal - yup that would be Quebec. I called him back and spoke to him for the first time. Really nice guy who tells me in his very French accent that my client tells him that his massage is the best part of his week! Wow, it just floors me to find out that such a brilliant man looks so forward to coming to see me for one little hour! He informs me that he would like to purchase some massages for my client and he wants it to be a surprise. I'm thinking maybe 2 or 3. He proceeds to tell me he would like to pay for 10! Now that's a good friend! Of course I thank him profusely and give him my address. He did find it quite amusing that I refer to him (my client) as Dr. ________. In fact I could say with confidence that he chuckled.
I swam a little today. I told Liz that my arms felt like lead-filled rubber and my shoulders were screaming, but it's all part of the experience. Right? This is going to be a long road, but as long as I'm moving forward, that's all that matters! Besides, it was just a few drills, not 2800 yards!
One of my clients sent an email to me telling she had read my blog and she said she could relate to the lack of confidence. She said she felt like she has the knowledge, but didn't quite find the edge to push herself. It is this kind of feedback that inspires me to blog. It's a great way to get your thoughts out there and maybe there will be just one person who can relate or be inspired by something you've said or done. It's such a small world and really deep down we are all the same - we want to be happy, loved, accepted and succeed. Not that I'm trying to get deep here, because really who has time for that anymore? But it is all so human and normal to feel that way. Anyone who tells you that they don't feel that way, you should be suspicious - probably a pod person, so watch your back!
Well, I'm tired and it's late (for me) so I'm going to hit the hay.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picking back up...

Okay time to get back onto the blog horse! No matter how short the blog is or what it's about. I assure you that most of the time until Aug. 30th this blog is going to be about my adventures in training. I'm really learning a lot about myself so far. Things like I can break through my mental barriers and push through my limits - for a very long time I have stopped short of going above and beyond because I have lacked the confidence and knowledge to do so. I changed one thing, I hired a coach with 10 years of experience. I couldn't be doing this without her - Thank You Liz! I've also learned that training for an Ironman can be VERY lonely. It seems like while everyone else is out doing group rides, I'm slotted to run or swim or do drills on the bike. Things I don't lack are consistency, focus (on training) and being a "good girl" (meaning I do as I'm told). I want to risk nothing that will keep me from doing my absolute best for this Ironman. I'm talking about over training and injury because it's usually a two-fer with those! I think I would be absolutely crushed if I got to a month out of doing this life changing thing and hurt myself because I did something that Liz advised me against. Yup, I'm going to do this thing right and who knows where it could lead me?
Just a synopsis of my very interesting and intriguing training from today (because I know you all are just dying to know). I swam 2800 yds. today and I'm here to tell you that I never thought I would be doing that! EVER! The tail end of the swim was 4 x 75 at max effort (R:30). Translated: swim 3 lengths (75 yds) as hard and fast as I could then rest 30 seconds - do that 4 times! By the last 75 yds. my ears were ringing, my heart was racing, my legs were tingling and almost stopped working - I thought I was going to pass out. I just kept telling myself, "Look lady! You are in 4 ft. of water and can stand up at ANY time. Push it!". It really made me appreciate the 150 yd. cool down. Drills are the way to go if you want to get good at swimming. I have improved quite a bit since the end of Dec. After the swim I had to do some strength training for 30 minutes and compared to the swim, it was cake!
I look forward to a good season and hopefully I'll see some of you sprinkled out there along the way.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting ready for a comeback!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I promise I'm coming back! Febuary is always like this plus my training is getting ramped up week by week. Spring is coming and I have to be ready. I'll try and blog tomorrow!