Friday, February 27, 2009

Bottle it up!

Today was a much better day! Thank ya, Jesus! Yesterday just felt icky and today felt clean and new.

When Chris got home last night and walked through the door he took one look at my puppy dog face and asked if everything was alright. I just told him that I had a very draining day - that it was nothing that happened to me directly. I just let it affect me. I know it sounds sappy, but all I wanted yesterday was my Luvbug! Sometimes you just want your woobie and you know that everything will be alright. Unfortunately some days you can't have your woobie and you just have to suck it up! Yesterday was one of those days.

I woke up this morning and felt rested; very unusual for me. I trained my 6:00 am client and headed off to the pool for my swim:

Warm Up:
300 swim
6 x 50 drill (R:15)
500 hard (R:1:00)
200 pull (paddles optional) (R:30)  this is an easy pull effort
Cool Down:
100 backstroke
TOTAL = ~2800

I have not been enjoying my swims as of late and felt like I was just struggling to get through them. I didn't feel like I was making ANY progress...until today. I got in the pool and immediately knew it was going to be a good swim. I started my warm-up and felt really relaxed and calm. I just enjoyed the water running over my body - I would say it might have felt
womb-like. I was comfortable the entire time and never felt like I was out of breath. I also finished about 5 minutes faster than I did previously on this distance. For once I got out of the pool and had energy. I also think I'm swallowing less water because I usually have to piss like a Russian race horse. Not today! I just want to capture that feeling and put it in a jar so I can eat it on race morning. But alas, I cannot bottle up good feelings. Isn't it funny how you can bottle up anger and sadness, but not happiness?

My second workout of the day was some strength training. I almost always enjoy that, though. I know that most women don't really have an appreciation for this type of training. Women usually want to be on the move. I like both. Does that make me weird? I'd like to think not. They work so well together - cardio and strength training. You just can't go wrong. I do need to work on flexibility, although I am better about stretching than I used to be. An injury can make you do things like that. My hip? 99.9 % betta! So I feel I'm ready for the 1/2 marathon and I'm not dreading it and that feels great!

Yes, Geo! Life is good - especially when things are going your way!

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