Friday, January 2, 2009

Sitting idle, but revving up...

Feeling a little dull yet antsy today. I'm ready to get into a routine. I haven't really had any time to sit down and think what that means, what it will include and how to go about it. I always begin the new year with getting organized. I'm ready to sit and clean out folders, files and drawers. A total purging and cleansing experience!

Then the exciting part comes...NEW OFFICE SUPPLIES!!!!! Some people love that new car smell; I love that new notebook smell. Some women buy shoes and clothes to cheer themselves up. I go buy new pens and paper. When I first told Chris about this when we were dating, he was a little confused and intrigued. He thought he had women somewhat figured out, but I threw him a curve ball with that one. I'm not saying that I'm not high maintenance (I think all women are on some level), but I pretty much maintain myself. Anyway, I know I'm not alone in this love of office supplies. The reason I know this is because when I confess this to some people they just exclaim, "Me toooooo!!!!". Like they are relieved that they aren't the only one with this affliction or affinity (all depends on how you look at it). I guess I could have a worse addiction, so all things considered, I think I'm pretty stable and maybe a bit nerdy at worst. So this little office supply-aholic will belly up to the bar and treat herself to a plethora of pens, paper, folders and pretty much anything that suits her fancy (only in a blog can you "speak" of yourself in third person). So I'm taking this upcoming Monday and Tuesday off to do just get things done that have piled up this holiday season. I'm hoping to feel more together by the middle of next week. Just got done with the last weekend of follies in Shreveport with Chris and friends for the Duathlon and Mountain Bike Race. Neither of which I participated in, but I was more than happy to spectate. I have to say it's a much different experience to watch and I am no good at it. I did get to meet the president of the AR/LA/OK/TX region for USAT, Dave Young! I had initially approach him because of his cool shoes. He was there doing the duathlon and told me about some other multisport events he's done. Like the Ironman in China. He said it was the hottest one he's done and his goal - to be that last finisher. He finished with 20 seconds to spare and said he got treated better than the first place finisher. Fireworks, 5,000 cheering spectators and an interview with a beautiful Chinese newscaster. He said the only thing was that as soon as he ran through the finish line, they collapsed it and there was no food. Someone ran to Burger King for him. The other excitement came from the mountain bike race. Patrick said to me that he was not feeling the love and I almost said, "well, don't do the race", but I knew that would be some wasted breath. He hit a huge, deep pothole and ended up screwing up his shoulder and in the ER. Wow! So that's what a waiting room looks like. I'm so used to being in a treatment room. Anyway, he's okay; they sent him on his way with a prescription for pain meds. He sure is a tough bugger!
I always forget what it's like to get back into it after a sabbatical. Especially the holidays. I gained 6 lbs. and it really makes everything soooooo much harder. I know there is a collective groan going on when I say such things, but it's all relative, right? I start to get a little freaked out when I see 3 lbs. over what I usually weigh, so 6 lbs. is red alert time. Time to get back to low-fat, high fiber and protein. Yep, gonna be living on Kashi Go-Lean Crunch. It's the perfect food because it contains pretty good amounts of all three of those things. Of course, that will start today. Hmmmmm...there's always that last hurrah which is what really makes me completely insane. There is always a good excuse and a reason to throw caution to the wind. Like being out of town. I was relatively good...'cept for Fri. at Burger King when we hadn't even made it out of town yet. Well, I've started the morning with my bowl of Kashi, my scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese and my FRS. Getting ready to go swim and do my strength training routine. I think after this week I will be giving little updates and stats of my training. Last week and this week are the adaptation phase. So basically it's been drills and those are just too complicated to describe. I'm really having trouble with the swimming drills, but I now am armed with a kickboard and flippers. Can't wait to see how that goes! I'll letcha know!

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glad you are doing well!