Friday, September 18, 2009

The New Addition

A week later and I'm finally ready to blog about my new addition. I'm talking about my new tattoo, of course. I had a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh that needed to be swallowed by none other than the MDot. Winnie represented a part of my past that I was reminded of daily and that needed to be laid to rest. I needed some sort of closure and I needed the open wound to finally heal. In fact, the middle of last week I had a dream about, let's just call the person "The Wound". Normally when I have dreams that include "The Wound", I wake feeling a little rattled. This dream was different. I was walking through a dimly lit room and literally bumped into "The Wound". About to just walk away, I grabbed "The Wound's" arm and asked how they were doing. We talked for a bit, then I looked at "The Wound" and said, "I have to let you go now". I just walked away. I woke feeling calm and peaceful and I feel it was finally the closure I had needed. I had that dream two days before I got that piece of my past buried.
Now the story that follows is not for the faint of heart nor for anyone considering getting body art. If you are even thinking about getting a tattoo, STOP READING NOW.
Chris and I had decided that we would go on Friday night of last week to 7th St. Tattoo. I was pretty excited about getting my latest accomplishment permanently marked on my body. He wasn't quite as excited as I was. So being the organized person I dream of being someday, had pictures in hand for reference. We got our names on the list and waited for probably about an hour, if not more. Caleb would be working with me and let's just say he definitely earned his money that evening. For about 30 minutes he sketched, re-sketched, traced, drew, arranged until he got exactly what I was looking for. However, this tattoo was going to have to be a bit larger than I had anticipated to cover the other one.
Chris' guy took him back and got to work. Caleb said he needed to get his station ready and he'd come get me in a few minutes. About 5 minutes later he came and got me with surgical gloves on. Now let me put in a plug for 7th St. Tattoos - I have 3 tattoos total with one being covered up (so 4 technically) and got them all at this place because it smells like a hospital. An inky hospital, but very sterile. They thoroughly clean EVERYTHING and are very professional. Okay, anyway, we get to his station and the first step in the process is a temporary outline of your tattoo is applied to your skin. He nailed it on the first try! He informed me that it was not skill, it was luck. He had Chris check it and make sure he had it positioned right. Chris was not even flinching for his tattoo. So I sit down sideways in a chair and hear the needle start up. I was expecting pain and I received it in abundance. He got the characters at the bottom done first and was filling in the Dot when Chris came over. During the first 20 minutes I was thinking about 2 things: 1)Suck it up, you just did an Ironman and 2)breathe.
I began to feel slightly light headed and I was starting to sweat a little. Caleb stopped and asked if I was doing okay. I told him that I was feeling a little light headed and asked Chris if he would get me some water. As he continues and I'm sipping water I get a very bad feeling that I'm going to pass out. I fought it as long as I could, but between the blood starting to rush out of my fingers, the strong urge to just go to sleep and everything getting all distorted I knew it was inevitable. I asked him to stop for a minute. He said sometimes a little sugar helps so Chris went to get a Coke for me. By the time he got back he said that my head was resting in Caleb's hand. He said, "She's out". I think Chris got a little panicked and asked if this happened a lot because Caleb didn't seem alarmed. He assured Chris it happens all the time. I don't know how long I was out, but I finally came to and just remember feeling REALLY sleepy and slightly nauseated. I started drinking the Coke and it just wasn't getting any better. I asked to lay back and once in a reclined position I felt like I could relax. About 5 minutes later, I was sweating profusely and got VERY nauseated. I asked Chris to take me to the bathroom and told him that he didn't have to go in with me, I just needed help getting there. He wouldn't have it. Folks, that is real love, right there! I know it was killing him, but he was a trooper. Finally, I was ready to try and continue the process. It was getting late and I know this was way more than Caleb and Chris had bargained for. I felt guilty and looked really, really gnarly at this point. Like a junky on a street corner looking for a fix.
I asked if he had a massage table I could lay on or something I could lean forward on and he brought out a massage chair. Perfect! Chris positioned a trash can beside me of which I made very good use - Chris reassured me that no one was watching and not to worry about it. He still had to stop every few minutes, but at least if I passed out again (which may have been better for everyone) then I was completely supported and no one would even know, probably. He finally got it all filled in and asked if I still wanted the red outline. OH-MY-GOD no! I weakly told him that he had earned whatever we paid extra for the outline as a tip. Chris put me in the car and Caleb sent us off with a garbage bag, just in case. Good call!
We got home about 1:15 (yes that's a.m.) and Chris put me on the couch and tucked me in. I told him to sleep upstairs in the bed and he said he was perfectly comfortable on the couch. I was so weak and had nothing left in my stomach. Not the most desirable way to lose that 5 lbs. I gained after Ironman, but definitely effective. He told me that I was to sleep, eat and not do much of anything on Saturday. Sounded good to me.
I am in total awe of Chris. I have really put him through the ringer with hospital visits and passing out. I'm surprised he hasn't just thrown in the towel. A lot of people would just walk away, fed-up with the situation. He has definitely proved time and time again that he will be there every time I fall. He is my rock, the love of my life and my saving grace. To say I'm a lucky woman is an understatement. I love you, Luvbug!


Ironman said...

Hey, the Preacher said something about "For better or for worse". You know I am OCD and have to follow instructions. I promise you, the "Better" far exceeds the "worse".

Iron Maiden said...

You are soooooo much better than chocolate!

Anonymous said...

you are one tough cookie, I was feeling faint just reading about it!! m