Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Working my way back

It's time. Time to get back to it. Two weeks with nothing then one week of a little something. This week it's a little something more. Of course I'm talking about training and working out. Last week was 3 weeks after the Ironman and I was supposed to start swimming and cycling again. Cycling had to be done on the trainer because of the blasted rain and swimming had to be put on hold because of the blasted tattoo. I'm not allowed to get into a chlorinated pool for four weeks after getting one, but I figured that two weeks would be enough time. I won't forget how to swim and I don't want to screw up my wittle tattoo that's going to the grave with me!

This week I got to add some strength/core training and running - the two things which I missed most. I felt like I was turning to jello and inputting waaaaay more than the output of calories. I was getting to the point of wanting to crawl out of my skin. This is actually where you want to be before you get back to it in all reality. You need to feel like someone has a pillow over your face and they are holding you down before you can safely get your body back into the game. The recovery and repair time are crucial. Believe me, I preach it all the time, but practiced it not in the past. The difference is having a coach. I now have an outside voice of reason that reels me back in, slaps me on the back of the head and tells me, "it's not time yet, dumbass". So far I don't have too many goose eggs on the old noggin, but I still have to be told that I need to practice more patience, Wee Grasshoppa. Wait for it...

Ah yes, patience. Not something that comes natural to me, although my friends might say otherwise. I just seem patient and calm most of the time and realistically I am. But, whoa Nelly, when I want something, I, by God, want it NOW! I try not to whine and I think I do pretty well with it. I don't like hearing people whine, so I'm pretty sure others don't appreciate it either. No good ever comes from whining, but some people manage to get what they want by doing it. I don't cave most of the time when clients whine. Just this morning I told a client, in no certain terms, that she was whining. I don't know if she was conscious of it or not, but it stopped when I brought it to her attention. I seldom use the direct approach because it makes me feel mean. It's always a surprise when people respond to someone being direct, but 9 times out of 10 it works.

Speaking of work, it couldn't be better right now. And I love my work because it's also play. I'm very lucky that I have had a fair amount of playtime this week. I love my clients and I think the feelings are mutual. They make it possible for me to be able to do what I want and get I to wear two hats. I can't say I enjoy one over the other, they both bring me great satisfaction and are very rewarding. Both fitness and massage changes people's lives and I get the privilege of being a facilitator of that change. How awesome is that?

You know what else is awesome? Reconnecting with friends and family after a long season of training. The big event has come and gone and now is the time to find my way home. I felt like life was passing me by. I'm reclaiming my friendships and now, through facebook, I am rediscovering bonds that I thought were long gone. I have missed everyone. I intend to make more of an effort to secure those relationships.

The Ironman is just what I needed to remind me how important the everyday is. How the ordinary is actually extraordinary. Sure it was a life altering experience and after you do one you know you can do anything, but without the support and extreme understanding of family and friends, none of it would be possible. So now I'm working my way back and getting back to a routine. I'm still training, but the upcoming year is all about my greatest weakness - SPEED. I'm anxious to see what my training future holds for me, but I'm working hard on keeping it reeled in...

When you start feeling like you are losing control and your grasp on things, sit still and listen. Just remember:

The moment you notice that you are just an instrument of the Divine, the moment you become like a hollow flute, the wind will blow through you and there will be music.


Jo said...

Nice post! Welcome back to training! I am sure the down time has done you worlds of good and makes you appreciate your health and abilities even more than ever!

Jami said...

Thank you!

Iron Maiden said...

Jo, for sure! It feels great to be moving again.

Jami, thank you for reading my blog! It's always so amazing to me that people find it interesting enough to read about my life :)!

Anonymous said...

glad you are coming back and reconnecting!! m