Friday, June 13, 2008

...and closer

Okay, here we are in Kansas, Toto! It was a purdy uneventful deerive. Not a whole lot of scenery. We finally got here about 10:30 last night. We ran into a little rain...okay, maybe more than a little. So we pull up to the hotel and from the outside it looks sort of run down, but quaint. We walk in and it has sort of a spooky feel to it. If you've ever been to Eureka Springs, AR you know what I'm talking about. Like a ghostly, haunted feeling. I had asked the woman at the front desk if it was haunted. She said that there have been reports of hauntings, but she works nights and she'd never seen anything. Maybe they're daytime ghosts. I absolutely love paranormal stuff, so of course I'm just looking for something! I think Chris is hoping for just the opposite. I will download some pics maybe tomorrow morning and report on the race course, too. I just wanted to give a quick report.

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Sarah said...

Kick some serious ass tomorrow! You're Fit. You're strong. You're ready!