Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whole lotta nothin'

Okay! Okay! I know it's been about a week. Actually I think it's been exactly a week. I just know you are sitting on the edges of your seats wondering, "What's that Rebecca been up to? Has she abandoned us? We must know what is going on in her life or we shall surely perish!" Well, work mostly along with various and sundry other life things.

This past weekend was unstructered. I'm not productive if I don't have a plan. I did manage to get in an 8 mile run and a 25 mile ride (the "Triple Bypass"). We also went to see a movie. Chris started his diet on Friday and has not cheated. However, he did say that he wanted to bury his face in my bag of popcorn at the movie. I, in respect, wanted to hook myself up to an IV with his diet soda. People look at us really weird when they see me sniffing his drink and see him sniffing what's on my plate. But hey, it works for us!

This week has gone by really fast and I barely got any training for myself in. Amy, who owns the Wellness Studio, has been out of town and I am subbing with some of her clients. I've also been pretty low energy this week, so I just had to stop being frustrated that I haven't worked out. Well, I pretty much work out everyday with clients, but unfortunately I don't feel like I've worked out. Not the way I need or want to. I'm probably feeling the effects of Kansas and I needed some downtime anyway. I'm just trying not to beat myself up over it. Don't want to over train; I wouldn't be able to do anything for awhile. I need to just be in chill mode with my friend Sarah. Just need to go with the flow...


Spinnin Jenny said...

I was about to perish, thank goodness you finally posted!! Now life may resume as usual.

Sarah said...

Rebecca- the first couple of days are tough, but I'm really enjoying the downtime. You've been training hard and need some chill time. The first rule? Don't pressure yourself! Just float.