Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take it easy.

Good morning! I was just sitting here contemplating going for a 3 or 4 mile run and I'm afraid my heavy eyelids and slow pace are going to get the best of me. Inside I really, really want to, but I think I should just lay low again. So I'll just blog now and maybe go for a run later. Besides, we are going for a ride soon! This is a very unusual and special ride for us, though. All this week Chris has been talking to his sister-in-law, Kayla, about taking our neices and nephew for a bike ride. Briana and Alexandria are 7 and Caulder is 5. We don't have any kids ourselves, so we just borrow some every once and awhile! It's a great method. These are some of the sweetest, smartest and cutest kids I know. Kayla and Eric do make very pretty babies! In fact they have a new addition, Hallie-Claire (sp?) , as of this past January. All their children have looked the same as babies. Beautiful skin, dark eyes and A LOT of dark hair. Anyway, I think this will be their first bike ride outside of their neighborhood. Should be fun and very interesting! I'm going to try to remember my camera and blog about the whole experience later.

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Spinnin Jenny said...

Hey Ironmaiden, when you and Ironman are in the mood for something a little less tame than borrowing the little kids, I have a lovely teenager you can borrow for as long as you want. It can be a joy and alot more exciting than those little scoundrels.