Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm ready!

This Sunday is the 1/2 marathon and I'm ready. For the first time since I've been doing all this crazy stuff, like Captain Kirk - I have a plan. Right down to the paces during the run at certain mileages. Nutrition is starting to line up and I'm hydrating well. I'm getting more sleep this week. I'm going to know how it feels to be totally prepared for this and have my best race yet! No more med tents for me...well...unless I'm affected by some external factor. I'm confident and I'm not comparing myself to anyone else (like I ever have). This will be MY race and I will run it to the best of my ability. Now if the weather will just cooperate and not rain!

Today's training:

Run 40 minutes in Zones 1 -2.
At 20 minutes into it, add 6 x 1 minutes hard pace followed by 1 minute easy.

Not too bad and the weather was warm! I have Spring Fever, Baby! Too bad the next few days don't get out of the 40's for highs. Not for loooooong!!! Here it comes boys and girls!!!!

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