Monday, March 9, 2009

My BFF, the bike trainer!

I often wonder these days, is it just me getting older or does time really fly a little faster everyday? I remember when I was younger hearing "older" people talk about how time just flew by. I thought it was total BS. I guess that's what I get for thinking!

Saturday was a hard run:

The first 30 minutes of this run are a warm up in zones 1 - 2. Then, turn around and come back strong BUILDING from zones 3 - 4 on the way back. Cool down very easy the last 5 minutes.

Can I just say OMG!!!!! I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest and my legs were turning to lead. I did it though. All except for the last 4 minutes. I just couldn't, so I didn't. The rest of the day we just kicked around. It was good.

Sunday was a ride:

Warm Up:
20 minutes easy
5 x 1 minute @ 80 rpms, 3 minutes @ 100 rpms
10 minutes @ 80 rpms, zone 25 minutes easy6 minutes @ 70 rpms, high zone 25 minutes easy3 minutes @ 60 - 65 rpms, zone 36 minutes easyREPEAT (total is 70 minutes)
Cool Down:
Finish up easy spinning

Can I just say that the trainer and I are bonding nicely? 2:15 on the trainer. Yes, that's two hours and 15 minutes! Fortunately I had a movie to watch (The Secret Lives of Bees - check it out). It was still hard and I think I sweat about 3 lbs. out of my body. I did hydrate and eat while doing this, so I felt good after. I didn't feel depleted at all when I finished. I don't know, maybe I was just so damn glad to be off of the trainer. I slept very well last night, though. In fact I forgot to turn my alarm on and when Chris asks me what time I'm supposed to get up I go into panic mode. I had a 45 minute extension on my sleeping pattern. I needed it, but I'm the kind of gal that needs to wake up slowly to full awareness. My day was kind of jacked up from that point on!

Monday was another, much shorter, trainer ride:

Warm Up:
5 minutes easy @ 90 rpms5 minutes as every 30 seconds alternate b/w 80 rpms or 100 rpms5 minutes easy @ 95+ rpms
6 x 30 seconds spinning up to a maximum rpm & maintaining it for 30 seconds. Easy spin for 4:30 after each spin up. Heart rate is not observed. Maximum rpm is indicated when you start to bounce in the saddle
Cool Down:
5 minutes easy

Short, but hard nonetheless! I've got another full week, so I'll blog when I can!

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