Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mixed bag

This has been a mixed week so far; an emotional roller coaster. I'm probably just being overly sensitive to some things and I'm pretty sure people aren't doing things on purpose to irritate me, but it sure does seem that way at times. I'm also sure that all these little things that are irritating me are always there and just seem magnified. Skewed alignment of the planets? Perhaps, but whatever it is I'm ready to be done with it or have it be done with me.

I think I'm fully recovered and my training is starting to escalate. I'm not sure how that's possible, but I'm braced and ready (I think) for impact. I can handle it and if I find I can't at least I will have tried.

I went to the gym to swim last Saturday and I had another cigarette sighting. This time it was a guy who was walking INTO the gym and stomping out his cancer stick. Now I know that people have their bad habits that are just near impossible to break, but there is nothing worse than a reformed whore. Yup, I used to smoke! I smoked for 10 years and quit about 10 years ago. Therefore I know my lungs are nice and pink again (takes an average of 7 years for all that crud to work it's way out of the lung tissue). I was too young and too stupid to realize how unhealthy it was and I never would have stepped foot into a gym anyway. These people are way old enough to know better. It's not like working out is going to counteract all that crap. You may look good on the outside, but your insides are just screaming. Okay, I'm done with that for now.

Today I had an awesome swim. I was questioning how it was going to go because I was totally wasted when I got into the water. I just relaxed and focused on my stroke. It's amazing how much more efficient you are when you aren't fighting with the water. The water will ALWAYS win. Your efforts will be wasted if you try to outsmart the water. I think it's because I have been swimming in my sleep. Chris said he came to bed a few nights ago and cracked up because I was clearly doing swim strokes. Usually I'm just washing my hands, but I was working on my pull. Is this a sign that I'm over training? I'm just going to say it's becoming more natural to me. Definitely a good thing.

Tonight was Pro night at Chainwheel for Carve members. I walked in and found Chris. He looked at me and said, "I've been here 10 minutes and I've already spent $200." He ordered a pair of custom Oakley's. Very cool, very orange. He loves the orange like I love the green! In fact I liked them so much that I ordered a pair too - green of course. I may suck at the Ironman, but I'll look good! Sarah also showed me a jersey that she said she brought in with me in mind. It has little skulls on it and it's this really soft feeling material. Had to have it!

Even though I've had 2 naps today (about 20 minutes each) I'm feeling sort of draggy. I bess be headin' off to bed. Night, John Boy!


Anonymous said...

glad you had a good swim and that you are recovered!!

Mira Lelovic said...

When I was in Louisville at the practice swim 2 days before IM, having my usual open water panic attack. This really sweet (and buff) woman said to me, "Slow it down and you'll go faster". She was so right. I have to constantly tell myself to relax in the swim. Not just for my anxiety, but I think it really is so different from biking and running and the "push" we train ourselves for. It'll keep getting better! I loved those (infrequent) days when I actually had a good swim workout.