Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So I married a kid magnet.

Today was a good day. Chris came to the gym and shadowed (in the shadows) while I trained a client. He claims that I'm really cute when I train someone - blamed it on the ponytail! I can't wait until he starts training people: he's a natural and has expressed interest in training kids. Perfect! The guy's a regular kid magnet, man! We'll be in the grocery store and there's a kid in the front of the cart and almost strains his/her neck to see around the parent so he/she can give Chris a big cheesy grin. I think it's cute.

So I finish my morning at the gym about 9:30 and skippity hop across the street to have my teeth cleaned. Oh Boy!!!! I walk in and my dentist tells me that she will be cleaning my teeth. I love my dentist. She has very small hands that fit into my very small mouth comfortably. We always talk about what the next crazy thing I'm going to do. She got really excited that we are going to do an Ironman in KY. She and her husband both went to dental school in Louisville. So she gave me a list of several great restaurants.

Time to swim:

Warm Up:
400 as 75 drill, 25 free continuously
8 x 50 as drill 25, build pace 25 (R:15)
4 x 100 (R:15)
Odds are easy swim w/good form
Evens are 25 swim, 25 kick on right side, 25 swim, 25 kick on left side
400 steady swim w/pull buoy, breathing bilaterally every 3 - 5 strokes
4 x 100 (R:15)
Odds are swimming in a straight line; close your eyes every few yards to be sure you are swimming straight - be careful! If you find you veer left then pull out farther w/right hand. Veer right, then pull out farther w/left hand
Evens are swimming & practicing sighting 2x down the lane (lift head slightly & increase kick slightly)
Cool Down:
2 x 200 (R:20)
#1 - alternate 25 free, 25 nonfree
#2 - with toys, your choice - pull buoy, paddles, fins (easy swimming!)

This was a good swim. I felt really relaxed. I just got some hand paddles and let me tell you that it's a great little arm work out with using half the energy. As I was backing out of the parking lot, I noticed a person who was backing out to go the opposite direction. I started to pull back in to let them go then I saw them waving me on. So I continued to back out then as I passed them I noticed something I find really confusing. This person had a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. LEAVING THE GYM! Aaaaahhhh yes! There is nothing quite like that post workout cigarette. WTF???!!!

The rest of the day was pretty smooth and uneventful - this is ALWAYS a gooooood thing! Time to get my stuff together for tomorrow and hit the hay. Say goodnight, Gracie!


jo said...

The family that personal trains together stays together!

Iron Maiden said...

Right on Sista!

Anonymous said...

yep you guys are really looking swell, where is race report?? smile. swim sounds good, the workout and I had a bit of that yesterday, it was similar I should say! have fun!!